Reiki 1 Class

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, I will be teaching a Reiki 1 class with my friend and trusted colleague, Sandy Walden.  It will be held at:

2910 New Pinery Road; Portage, WI, second business  (Acupuncture and Haareway Office)

9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

$150 each, $25 discount per person for groups of two or more.

Please register by contacting me at:, (608) 981-2537

or contacting Sandy Walden at:, or call Sandy at 608/584-5318

Reiki is a wonderful modality for energy healing.  This winter, I witnessed what appeared to be the elimination of clear-cell carcinoma (an aggressive cancer) during a Reiki session.  The client informed the practitioner during the session that she could see the cancer leaving her body.  When the client had surgery, tests indicated the clear-cell carcinoma was gone.  How can it get any better than that!

Please understand that Reiki and the Reiki practitioner do not cure any illnesses or diseases.  A healing energy is provided, which the body heals itself.








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