The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it is NOT raining.  Today is beautiful!  My spirits always soar when the sun shines.

I viewed the new digs for Sky Blue Dreams in Oxford yesterday.  They are going to be a joy to work in.  Jill has put many hours of hard labor, and her creative ideas, into making this a soothing, gentle place to work.  I am looking forward to treating clients in this beautiful space.

I treated a client this week by placing her in a relaxed, meditative state (hypnosis) and added Reiki to the combo, while I was providing a CranioSacral treatment.  The combination worked beautifully and the use of these three treatment modalities at the same time appears to be the special “key” I was seeking.  With the consent of my clients, it is the method I shall continue to use.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, joy-filled day.










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